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Jessica Martin interviews Melissa Horsley, a CPA from Idaho and the founder of CFO for Dentists, about financial insights specific to the dental industry. Melissa shares her top three financial mistakes that most dental office owners are making. Learn from Melissa’s experience and take away ideas that can increase the efficiency of your business’s operations. […]

Jessica and Tony’s interview with Craig includes how they distinguished Martin Dental from competitors, how Jessica’s background in psychology enabled their new approach, tools Martin Dental uses to absolve patients of their fear and anxiety and more! Martin Management is a dental consulting firm that helps dental offices transform their practice into a dental spa […]

Being a sponsor or vendor at community events can be a great way to promote your dental practice!  For the most success with this expense of your time, here are our favorite nuggets of wisdom! Here is an example script for how a warm lead can be obtained at an event: “Hi!  Come on over […]

Jessica Martin interviews Brad Newman, Founder and Chief Buzz Officer of Dentainment, to discuss marketing tips and tricks for your dental practice.  Jessica and Brad talk about personalized touches to make your dental office shine. Brad gives advice on conversion rate optimization and how your website is converting clients. He also explains the power of […]

Jessica Martin, founder of Martin Management and business coordinator for Martin Dental sits down with Tony Martin, D.D.S to discuss the benefits of a dental spa. Dr. Martin has noticed that patients are more relaxed and accepting of his care at the dentist since transforming his practice to a dental spa. When he has a […]

Those of us that work in the dental profession are no longer aware of the “scent of dentistry” but I can vividly recall walking into our office before I was here on the daily and getting hit by a scent wall that was NOT pleasant.  Patients are likely having that same negative sensory experience if […]

Jessica sits down with Ryan Clery of Midway Dental to discuss their company and the education they provide for clients across the country. Dental Company, Midway Dental works with dental practices across the country to grow their practice, enhance their skills, and bring value to their dental office. They do this in part through the […]

Now more than ever, patients are anxious about receiving dental care.  On top of all the reasons people dislike the dental experience, now there are increased concerns about the safety of receiving dental care.  Anything we can do as a team to give patients peace of mind is beneficial.  The first step is being able […]

Jessica Martin, founder of Martin Management, sat down with Emily Hayden, an account executive at ScentAir to discuss the benefits of adding scent to your dental office and the options ScentAir provides. Through the dental spa transformation, we examine the sensory system and how it affects the patient experience. Emily addresses how people are emotionally […]

Greetings, dental enthusiasts! Jessica Martin here, and today, I am thrilled to share my recent coffee chat with the incredible Lynda Sherman. If you’re passionate about sustainable dentistry practices and boosting your practice’s profitability, Lynda is the go-to expert you need to know. Meeting Lynda: A Journey into Dentistry Before we dive into the eco-friendly […]