Gain the clarity and confidence you need to provide an exceptional patient experience and a positive environment for your team so you, your clients, and your business can thrive! 

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Healthcare consultant focused on patient experience

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Reducing patient anxiety is the best and fastest way to increase patient loyalty, create a more positive environment for your team, and build a better bottom line for your business. 

With dental practices and healthcare clinics as my niche, I’ve helped 90+ businesses maximize their time, increase patient/client experience, and reduce the need to feel restricted by insurance. 

I’d be honored to help make this your reality too!

I remember what it felt like to be in a constant state of overwhelming stress, anxiety, and frustration from dealing with the pressures of managing staff, operational challenges, patient dissatisfaction — and just trying to juggle it all. 

As a former licensed school psychologist, I dedicated so much time to studying the connections between human behavior, emotions, and effective communication and how they played a pivotal role in fostering an environment focused on growth and opportunity. 

I knew there had to be a better way to run and grow our practice. We took what I learned and implemented a patient-centric approach where we focused on providing a phenomenal patient experience above all else. It completely transformed the business into a sustainable and profitable practice that continues to thrive today.

I’m a Healthcare Consultant, the Founder of Martin Management, and Co-Owner of Martin Dental, a thriving dental spa in WI. 

Hi, I’m Jessica

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Enhance patient retention and reduce insurance networks by developing a cohesive narrative and comprehensive training for the team so they can effectively and confidently communicate the decision to go out of network with insurance.  

Dental Insurance Drop

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Learn best practices for front office systems that will be the foundation and lifeblood of your practice. Identify areas of efficiency, implement processes to increase profitability, and determine steps to create a phenomenal patient experience.  

Front Office Optimization 

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Discover strategies to integrate comfort amenities that reduce patient anxiety and enhance the overall experience. Grow your practice in complete alignment with your mission and vision by cultivating an environment that your patients rave about!

Patient Experience Accelerator

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Chiropractor and owner of Chipota Wellness Center

Dr. Brea Schumanauer

I highly recommend working with Jessica! In our time together my business growth and mindset has been elevated on multiple levels. She takes the time to get to know her clients and their business. She truly wants you to succeed in all regions of life! You can tell she is passionate about what she does and it shows!

In our time together my business growth and mindset has been elevated on multiple levels.

designer and owner of shawna lou creative

shawna stanley

Jessica has that special touch. It's one that is hard to put into words, but rather gives you that warm, inviting feeling. I have seen her behind the scenes, talking about her passion to help people and also up on stage, sharing her journey of finding her purpose. She's all in and she's changing the game to one that is more positive and comforting.

She's all in and she's changing the game to one that is more positive and comforting.

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