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What is a Dental Spa?

Would you like to attract more ideal patients? Those who are motivated to maintain their oral health, book treatments, keep appointments, and pay their bills, so you can increase production? Your office needs to offer these patients more value and attention than they can get at any other dental office in your area. Offer them a serene, relaxed experience by transforming your office into a dental spa!

Jessica and Tony Martin launched the dental spa concept in their dental practice in 2014, quadrupling new client growth just three short years later. The dental spa concept is simple, yet sensitive in nature to patients’ anxieties and comfort levels. By addressing and responding to patient needs, the dental spa concept allows your dental office to become focused on excellent oral health and the highest quality customer experience.

For Martin Dental, dental spa techniques have proven highly successful in terms of significant, sustained dental practice growth, as well as stunningly high patient satisfaction and retention rates. The experience has been so positive, that Jessica and Tony created Martin Management to teach their process and share their experiences with other dental practices.

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The Dental Spa Difference

Higher Patient Retention and Satisfaction

Because careful concern is taken to ensure patient comfort and reduce anxiety, client satisfaction rises greatly, as does a stronger dentist/patient bond, creating an ideal relationship for fostering patient retention.


Experience Significant Growth

After implementing dental spa practices, Martin Dental has experienced a new patient acquisition rate that quadrupled the number of new patients gained per month. This has increased the number of all treatments including a 58 percent increase in crowns completed annually in 2017 compared to 2013.

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