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If you’re struggling with understanding how to increase patient satisfaction, get more case acceptance, and eliminate insurance networks so you can feel in complete control of your business, I am here for you! 

When I’m not observing and training medical teams, you can find me cheering my kids on in their various activities, doing yoga, or sitting near the lake/ocean in the sun with a good book in hand!

When we started focusing on the patient experience and launched the area’s first dental spa, our business flourished. Since introducing the Dental Spa Patient-Centric Approach, we’ve been able to cut insurance networks, expand our team, and build a beautiful new space.  

In 2018, I founded Martin Management to help other healthcare professionals (in dentistry and beyond) enhance their patient experience and grow their practice so that they could align with their mission and vision and work from a sense of abundance and joy.  

I help eliminate the financial burdens, stress, and overwhelm of growing a quality business that many private practice healthcare providers face.  

With my 19 years of training and experience as a licensed school psychologist and running a successful dental practice with my husband, I’ve seen firsthand how reducing patient anxiety and creating an exceptional experience can completely transform a practice.

A healthcare consultant, licensed psychologist, and sunshine enthusiast.

Hi, I’m Jessica

How we treat people and take care of people can have a huge impact on how successful our business is.

Having intention and integrity are extremely important.

Building a business is like raising a child; some stages require more time, energy, and effort, but the worry and love are always there!

Let’s not reinvent the wheel and learn how to improve what we do based on what is working well in other industries.

When things are organized and beautiful, my body is more calm and my creative juices are free to flow.

Details matter

Getting the team excited about change is not your job; it’s mine!

If it can be done smarter, do it that way!

I believe

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