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Martin Management founder Jessica Martin and Leanna Joy, co-founder and COO of Elevate Billing Solutions, discuss what Elevate Billing Solutions does and how they help dental practices become more efficient in their business. As a client of Elevate Billing Solutions, Jessica gives a first-hand look into how it has helped their dental office. By taking […]

Jessica Martin interviews Melissa Horsley, a CPA from Idaho and the founder of CFO for Dentists, about financial insights specific to the dental industry. Melissa shares her top three financial mistakes that most dental office owners are making. Learn from Melissa’s experience and take away ideas that can increase the efficiency of your business’s operations. […]

Jessica and Tony’s interview with Craig includes how they distinguished Martin Dental from competitors, how Jessica’s background in psychology enabled their new approach, tools Martin Dental uses to absolve patients of their fear and anxiety and more! Martin Management is a dental consulting firm that helps dental offices transform their practice into a dental spa […]

Jessica Martin interviews Brad Newman, Founder and Chief Buzz Officer of Dentainment, to discuss marketing tips and tricks for your dental practice.  Jessica and Brad talk about personalized touches to make your dental office shine. Brad gives advice on conversion rate optimization and how your website is converting clients. He also explains the power of […]

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry, the need for effective leadership and high-performing teams is more critical than ever. Dr. Matthew Norton, an expert in leadership development and team optimization, shares his insights and experiences in a candid interview with Jessica Martin of Martin Management. Join us as we explore how Dr. Norton is making […]

Jessica Martin, owner of Martin Management, sits down with Zach Rigsby an equipment sales specialist from Henry Schein Dental to address what your dental vendor can provide. They go over how to make informed decisions in all aspects of a new practice or office including floor plans, equipment, room maps and more. Watch the interview […]

Jessica sits down to interview Christine Bahu with SmileMore Marketing to talk about how Christine has been successful in helping over 100 dentists bring new patients into their offices through their SmileMore dental savings plan. Watch the video to learn more about what this dental savings plan can do for your patients!

Jessica Martin, founder of Martin Management, sat down with Emily Hayden, an account executive at ScentAir to discuss the benefits of adding scent to your dental office and the options ScentAir provides. Through the dental spa transformation, we examine the sensory system and how it affects the patient experience. Emily addresses how people are emotionally […]

We have the pleasure of introducing you to Lori Bullock, a clinical dental hygienist, yoga instructor, and natural health educator. Lori’s unique combination of skills and passions has led her to create interactive experiences that promote overall well-being in both individuals and groups. Join us as we explore her journey into dentistry, her love for […]