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I create an unforgettable event experience that leaves attendees feeling empowered, informed, and motivated to provide exceptional patient experiences. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to inspire your team or equip your practice with practical strategies to thrive in your business

Is passionate about helping others and making a difference by sharing practical tips that can be implemented immediately, fostering lasting positive change

Creates a welcoming and supportive environment to encourage active learning 

Has extensive training in areas beyond dentistry, including a Masters and Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology and certifications in School Counseling and Educational Administration

Personally owns and operates a dental office, bringing practical expertise in navigating the challenges of running a successful practice

When you book me for your event, you’ll get an engaging speaker who…

Discover atmospheric changes that can impact anxiety

Identify strategies for putting patients at ease and providing positive sensory input during the visit

Learn how to positively impact patient mindset before the appointment

Understand the impact patient anxiety has on practice production and growth


Patient anxiety impacts a large portion of the population and has a major impact on the production of a healthcare business. I have years of experience in understanding how teams can reduce patient anxiety to increase patient acquisition, case acceptance, and overall practice profitability. A largely overlooked aspect of the patient experience is appealing to the sensory system in a positive versus negative way. As such, I’ve developed systems for training teams on how to create a healthcare business known for addressing patient anxiety.

3 Strategies For Creating A Calmer, More Relaxing Patient Experience

Patient Anxiety Is Costing You Thousands of Dollars

Choose from these courses

Discover how the team can work more effectively to put the doctor at ease

Increase the doctor's sense of control in the practice while allowing team members to reach their full potential

Learn systems for communication and problem solving

Identify strategies for putting patients at ease and providing positive sensory input during the visit

Achieve better team cohesion to reduce stress and create flow

Develop practice goals and ways of communicating a shared vision for the practice


Being a medical professional is hard!! Not only are doctors expected to perform well clinically, they are often running the business and managing a team as well. Burnout is inevitable unless doctors have strategies for empowering their team to work collaboratively for the benefit of the whole practice. Being a licensed psychologist who co-owns a thriving dental practice with my dentist husband, I share strategies to help reduce the stress of the doctor while also helping the medical practice to perform more efficiently and profitably.

How Teams Can Have A Positive Impact

Mental Health of the Doctor 

Create a vision of your ideal office and start bringing it to life

Acquire strategies to help your office feel less clinical and more inviting

Obtain checklists for reducing clutter and better allocating space

Discover simple atmospheric adjustments that can improve the feel of the office


Space has energy. Your patients are making decisions about how they feel at your office when they enter the building. I love to provide an inspiring and uplifting discussion about how enhancing the look and feel of your healthcare business can have a positive impact on the bottom line. Create a space that helps to make patients feel more welcome, at ease, and more likely to want to return.

Through the Eyes of Your Patient

Elevate Your Business

Design your on/off switch between career and domestic roles

Identify your unique values and how to live them daily 

Develop insight on pivotal dental spouse concerns

Live your best life right now

Release what frustrates you and relive what sparked your love

Learn to recognize coping patterns and how to address the need

Review what makes a dental career unique


In this presentation, I team up with Washington dentist, Dr. Julie Kellogg to answer the question, "Why can't my dentisting person just leave it at the office?!" In this course, we will host an honest dialogue about the unique challenges and joys of being a dental spouse/partner. You will learn to recognize coping patterns, the mixed messages of gender roles, and how to move your expectations to values. Together, we will release the tension, remember what we love, and laugh a lot. Whether you are a new dental spouse hoping to avoid the typical frustrations or you have been married to a dental professional for years and are ready for a fresh perspective - don’t wait. It’s time to live your best married to dentistry life. 

Honest dialogue about the unique challenges and joys of being a dental spouse/partner.

So You Married a Dentist?

Design a timeline for dropping insurance

Educate your team in how to have insurance conversations with patients

Take away strategies to become prepared - physically and emotionally

Educate your patients in how this change impacts them

Recognize how to create more value for your patients

Review your business systems for efficiency and profitability

Determine your office's readiness to drop insurances


Less dependence on insurance networks is liberating! There are many factors to consider prior to this decision, one of the most pressing being the financial impact this decision has on the practice. Patient demographics, patient satisfaction in your practice, competitor analysis and marketing strategies can all be crucial in a successful liberation. After this presentation, you will understand if going out-of-network is feasible now and what steps to take to get started. If the timing is not now, this presentation will provide you a plan for how to move your practice toward this desired outcome. Learn from firsthand knowledge and experience of this process! 

Take Back Control From Dental Insurance

Your Guide To Going Out-of-Network

Northwestern Bank President

Tracey Smiskey

Jessica is an expert in her field although her approach is very relatable. She truly wants what is best for the Dental industry by implementing the spa dentistry concept to have transforming outcomes for patients. Putting the patient first is her top priority. She is a top notch speaker and can captivate an audience of hundreds with her research, humor and best practices.

She is a top notch speaker and can captivate an audience of hundreds

Doctor of Chiropractic and Founder of People Plus Purpose 

Matthew Norton

Jessica Martin delivered a clear and inspiring presentation to our Dental Experts Network this month providing key insights and strategies on transitioning from an insurance-based to a Fee for Service model. I recommend her for her speaking presentations as well as for her unique dental spa focus.

 I recommend her for her speaking presentations as well as for her unique dental spa focus

Building Connections Group

CeCi Jaap

Our business asked Jessica to share her story with our community of business leaders. BCG helps businesses grow, pivot, and change... AND WOW! THIS is exactly what our business leaders needed to hear. What an inspirational journey of complete transformational change for Jessica's own business and all the other businesses she is helping grow. 

THIS is exactly what our business leaders needed to hear. 

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