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Greetings, fellow dental enthusiasts and health advocates! Today, I am thrilled to dive into an enlightening discussion with Lani Macbeth, a remarkable figure in the world of dentistry and oral wellness. Lani’s journey is one of relentless learning, exploration, and a commitment to holistic health practices. So without further ado, let’s embark on this fascinating […]

experience contribute to the 100 million Americans forgoing dental visits each year, according to the American Dental Association.  In an effort to create a more extraordinary dental experience, Martin Management founder Jessica Martin assists offices in becoming a dental spa, a place that pairs what people want (pampering and decreased dental anxiety) with what people […]

Jessica Martin, founder of Martin Management and business coordinator for Martin Dental sits down with Tony Martin, D.D.S to discuss the benefits of a dental spa. Dr. Martin has noticed that patients are more relaxed and accepting of his care at the dentist since transforming his practice to a dental spa. When he has a […]

Those of us that work in the dental profession are no longer aware of the “scent of dentistry” but I can vividly recall walking into our office before I was here on the daily and getting hit by a scent wall that was NOT pleasant.  Patients are likely having that same negative sensory experience if […]

Now more than ever, patients are anxious about receiving dental care.  On top of all the reasons people dislike the dental experience, now there are increased concerns about the safety of receiving dental care.  Anything we can do as a team to give patients peace of mind is beneficial.  The first step is being able […]

Jessica Martin, founder of Martin Management, sat down with Emily Hayden, an account executive at ScentAir to discuss the benefits of adding scent to your dental office and the options ScentAir provides. Through the dental spa transformation, we examine the sensory system and how it affects the patient experience. Emily addresses how people are emotionally […]

Bringing a child in for their first dental visit can be nerve-wracking for the parent and child. Although, it doesn’t have to be! We have created a few tips for you to share with parents to make their child’s first visit a success. Things to DO:1. Do encourage your child to take advantage of the […]

The look of your office is part of the whole dental spa experience, so make sure that your décor and color choices are calming and cohesive! First, how do you feel about your logo and branding? If you are happy with what you have going, try to stick with similar colors throughout your office, keeping […]

Not every client I meet is ready to dive all in to adopt the dental spa approach.While there are obvious benefits to going the whole way to address patient comfort, there are a number of simple, cost effective things that can be put in place for any office! 1. Reduce clutter. Clutter creates visual chaos […]

Clutter is the #1 thing I see that most dental offices are guilty of.  Clutter creates visual chaos for those working within it and also for patients that see it.  Offices often have stacks of clutter in highly visible places and what they don’t realize is that this can adversely impact how the patient is […]