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Is your dental office playing the discount game to be the low-price leader? Learn why you should avoid discount dentistry. Many practices use the approach of trying to obtain new patients by offering discounts – new patient packages, free whitening, free X-rays – you name it.  This is entirely the wrong approach unless your practice […]

The first mistake I see is letting emotions lead.  This can go in either direction, from the doctor who makes a swift decision to drop a network from frustration and anger after seeing all the adjustments made on the year end report to the doctor who is scared that all their patients will leave and so remains […]

If your office sees children, now is the time to hit these recall lists hard. Summer comes and goes so quickly, and once schools start back up, parents are hesitant to take their child out for a dental appointment for at least the first month or two. Make sure you are following up on overdue […]

If you don’t know how to collect from your patients, all the spa amenities in the world won’t move the bottom line!  Here are our best collection of tips so that you can ensure your office is profiting from all the new patients you are seeing and larger treatment you are doing! 1. Be proactive.Have […]

Jessica sits down with Ryan Clery of Midway Dental to discuss their company and the education they provide for clients across the country. Dental Company, Midway Dental works with dental practices across the country to grow their practice, enhance their skills, and bring value to their dental office. They do this in part through the […]

If it is allowable to administer cosmetic Botox in the state you practice dentistry in, consider getting this training and offering this service. Why?

There seems to almost always be more things to do in a day than there is time.Working as a dentist or in the dental field, this couldn’t be more true. As a doctor, owner, or office manager, it is important that you carve out time to work ON the business as well as the day-to-day […]

I’m about to take you on a journey into the heart of the dental industry, joined by Darius, the mastermind behind Cloud Dentistry. Welcome! Thanks for having me. Picture this: you’re at a dinner with two dentists and a Harvard professor, engaging in a chest-bumping match over whose life is tougher – dentists or lawyers. […]

Hello there, it’s Jessica, and today I want to share a fascinating story with you. Not too long ago, I had the privilege of sitting down with Mary Fisher-Day, a dental practice transition advisor with a wealth of experience. We’ve known each other for a couple of years, and her passion for helping dentists is […]