while solving your leadership and team challenges to create a thriving business and workplace culture. If your practice is already going well, then let’s make it extraordinary.

Increase new patient numbers, streamline patient interactions, and create an exceptional patient experience

A process for ongoing leader and team growth and development

Ongoing support and encouragement from two dedicated mentors who will help you reach your goals

Increased profitability and productivity 

Strategies for creating a strengths-based workplace

A clear purpose-driven mission and shared team values

Proven methods to transform your business by breaking through blockages to create scalable and sustainable growth

Creative solutions and strategies tailored to your unique needs


This powerful collaboration gives you a sure-fire way to succeed and take your practice to the next level! We guarantee you’ll be thrilled.

Is an expert in the patient experience and can help your team create exceptional, memorable experiences for your patients to grow the practice and be more profitable with high-level front office effectiveness and without insurance dependence. 

Jessica Martin

Works through a unique strengths-based assessment lens to clarify vision, mission and noble purpose for the practice, to enhance leadership skills to execute that vision, and empower teams to flourish together with less stress. 

Dr. Matthew Norton

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This is a 6 month program with the option to continue to our Phase 2 program, extending support an additional 6 months with two pricing options (Details discussion in our consultation).

Best Vlaue

Single Installment of $8432 (Save 12%)

Low Monthly

Monthly Installments of $1597

Choose the investment option that works for you.

Hiring guidance for role and team fit.

Onsite observation and training with the team to implement systems optimization and/or patient experience strategies. *Travel and accommodations not included in monthly program investment (Approximate expense $1,500, may vary depending on distance/location).

Weekly 50 minute coaching calls. These can be split and alternate between owners, other leaders, full team, or any combination. The focus of these calls is the application of current training, sharing assessment insights, interactive growth exercises, answering questions and solving issues that arise, brainstorming and exploring new direction and ideas, resolving leader and team conflicts. Calls will be with Jessica or Matthew at different times depending on practice needs and current training focus. You will get the best of both.

Personalized strengths-based leadership and team training content and engagement learning for ongoing development within the purpose-driven mission.

Business Systems Performance Assessments.

Core-Four Strengths and Style Assessments for each leader and team member.

With this program, you’ll receive:

The program begins with an assessment of the practice from a leadership and individual strengths perspective as well as what systems the practice has in place to run the office efficiently. All leaders and team members are then guided to solve any people or process challenges through applying the assessment insights. We will guide the development of a clear and compelling vision and mission. Based on your goals and vision, practice optimization training and/or patient experience improvements will be implemented. 

The following areas will be explored: hiring, purpose, leadership performance, team performance, exceptional patient interactions, and creating efficient and profitable business systems. The end result is a highly effective, motivated, collaborative team that is ready and able to provide your patients with the best care and experiences. This program can help increase new patient acquisition, case acceptance, patient retention, overall profit, and ultimately the elimination of insurance network relationships. 

We will improve interpersonal understanding and communication to develop optimal collaboration amongst your leaders and team members. We will enhance connection, communication, education, and influence between your team and your patients. 

Best Vlaue

Best Vlaue

Single Installment of $8432 (Save 12%)

Single Installment of $8432 (Save 12%)

Low Monthly

Monthly Installments of $1597

Choose the investment option that works for you.

For Those Who Would Like To Sample Our Work First, Here Is Our Starter Program With A Small One-Time Investment:


Room Refresh - Consultation On Aesthetic Changes For A Space In The Office - Email A Photo And Receive Actionable Feedback

Core-Four Strengths Assessment Packages For Two Leaders W/Chart Creation (For Strength/Style Matching)

People Performance Scorecards For Two Leaders

We Will Diagnose Your Top Business Bottlenecks And Blockages

1 Hour Coaching Call To Apply Assessment/Scorecard Insights For A Key Breakthrough On Your Top Blockage

Dental Anxiety Training - Receive A Training Video Your Team Can Watch Individually Or As A Group To Understand Dental Anxiety Better And Some Simple Strategies For Addressing Dental Anxiety

Systems Check - Assessment Of Current Front Office Systems And Strategies To Increase Profitability And/Or Efficiency

1 Hour Consultation Call - To Discuss Room Refresh Feedback And Systems Strategies



Increase new patient numbers, streamline patient interactions, and create an exceptional patient experience